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    Support your local Illinois Eta Chapter by making a donation. The smallest donation of $5 can make a big difference, whether it be to support an individual scholarship, or to help improve one of our many commitees that are in need of your help. Give back and help improve the organization that helped you.




    Each year, our chapter grows in membership and alumni. Which mean the exising Illinois Eta Brotherhood is growing more with new tasks to complete. As an alumni, help us to work with you to improve our events by making a donation and giving feedback on what you would like us to work on. Our annual alumni event such as "Friends, Family, Alumni (FFA)" is always in need of more sponsorship. 


    Alumni provide the Chapter with much needed financial assistance through outright donations of cash, securities, or other properties, which offer immediate benefits to our growing brotherhood of undergraduates and alumni. All gifts, no matter which form, are important as they validate and support all aspects of the Chapters hard work.



    Phi Psi Foundation


    Another way to donate to the Illinois Eta Chapter is throught the Phi Kappa Psi Foundation. Click Here to donate.

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